Aisha Moe got started in politics at age 17 in May of 2016 when Donald Trump was in the midst of his bid for president. One day after school, Aisha’s 9 year-old brother came home crying. "If Donald Trump becomes president, will our family get deported because we are Muslim?" In that moment, politics took on a new significance for Aisha. She realized the power of language and decided to stand for the possibility that politicians could serve all their constituents with dedication and sincerity. 

She sprung into action immediately in an effort to promote inclusion, diversity, and community: values she believes are the foundation of political leadership. Aisha took a fellowship with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Coordinated Campaign where she knocked doors for votes and recruited volunteers for grassroots activist teams. She committed herself wholly to helping to elect candidates whose values were aligned with her own. The loss of the 2016 presidential election did not leave Aisha feeling defeated; instead she vowed to do everything possible to win the next one.

In 2018, Aisha helped elect Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Gov. Tony Evers as a field organizer for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Coordinated Campaign. The incredible blue wave that followed the 2018 election saw many women in politics win across the country. Empowered by the successes of other young female politicians, Aisha is running for State Senate with passion and excitement. If elected, Aisha would be the first woman to hold the Senate seat for Wisconsin’s 26th District. 


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