Some of the issues Aisha Moe advocates for are access to higher education, access to health care, a healthy environment and social justice. Below are some of the issues. For specific policy questions, please reach out using the contact form found on the home page.


Protecting black and brown lives first.

Our criminal justice and policing system needs a huge rework. The reform I am calling for includes the following: community control over policing, getting rid of for-profit prisons, getting rid of the cash bail system, reducing prison populations, creating expungements for non-violent drug crimes and promoting a GED program and job training for the people in the system.


Removing What Holds Us Back

Aisha supports debt-free college. This heavy burden causes young people to make decisions out of necessity, thereby, limiting creativity and entrepreneurship. Young people in Wisconsin are moving to other states to find jobs. By providing debt-free college, Wisconsin supports a healthy workforce.


Making Health Affordable

Aisha supports access to healthcare for everyone. Many families in Wisconsin are one medical emergency away from crippling debt. The most effective solution entails expanding Medicaid, which could be done tomorrow without a great deal of trouble. The first step is to accept the money that the federal government has allocated for Medicaid expansion.


Invest in the Future

The state pension fund currently invests in fossil fuel companies. This means that state money is supporting and investing in an industry that is known to be causing increased presence of greenhouse gases. Wisconsin invests in its future by encouraging renewable energy and discouraging greenhouse gases.


An Economic Opportunity

Cannabis has been made illegal,whereas other drugs with similar or worse health effects, such as alcohol and tobacco, have remained legal. This double-standard was created out of racial biases. Today, across the country the criminalization of cannabis has primarily affected communities of color. By legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medical uses, Wisconsin residents can benefit from increased revenue and a criminal justice system that does not disproportionately affect communities of color.


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